Hand out digital keys to your garage for a limited period of time!

Discover our maveo scanner!

With our maveo scanner, you can provide digital keys for your garage temporarily, for example to deliverymen and other suppliers, family members, neighbors, friends or tradesmen. This way you don't have to stay at home or in your workshop to give someone access to your building - saving time and stress!

The maveo scanner opens up lots of new possibilities: Use your garage as a personal package point, for example, or as a protected and easily accessible storage space for tools and sports equipment.

With its slim, modern design, the maveo scanner also blends in perfectly into any surroundings - regardless of whether you install it on a plastered or brick-covered house or garage façade. In addition, the maveo scanner is weatherproof and reliably does its job even in rain, wind or snow.

Full control via the maveo app

You can easily control access to your garage by using the maveo app: There you can, for example, store the tracking numbers of your online orders as a one-time access code or create individual codes and send them to your contacts. In addition, the maveo app always offers you an overview of when the maveo scanner was used and someone entered your garage or workshop.


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How do you install the maveo scanner?

The maveo scanner is mounted directly onto the exterior wall of your garage and then connected to the maveo box. Our installation video and instructions show you how it works, step by step.

Note: When you start the video, content is loaded from Youtube.

You'd rather leave the installation to experienced technicians?

You'd rather leave the installation to experienced technicians? Not a problem! When you purchase your maveo scanner in the shop, simply add the installation service of our partner Mila and sit back and relax.



Direct answers to the most important questions

  • WLAN reception: The maveo box, to which the maveo scanner is connected via a USB cable, needs stable WLAN reception. For example, you can use your smartphone to check how good the signal strength is in your garage; you should see at least two out of three bars in the top bar of your smartphone. It is best to check this before installing the maveo box and the maveo scanner.
  • Hole in the garage wall: For the installation of the maveo scanner, you need a hole in the garage wall. Drill the hole in the garage from the outside. You can then seal it with silicone.
  • Light barrier and power cut-off: If you use the maveo scanner, you operate the system according to standard 13241-1 in the "Automatic" operating mode. This means that it must have a light barrier and a correctly set force cut-off. This is required by law. If you have any questions about this, you can contact our specialist partners.
  • A free power outlet: You need a free space in the power outlet in your garage for the maveo box. The maveo scanner itself does not need a separate socket, it gets its power from the USB socket in the maveo box.
  • Special programming feature: The garage door opener must not be programmed with an automatic inlet. If this is nevertheless desired, it must be set to greater than 30 seconds so that the parcel carrier or delivery person still has time to leave your garage.

No, to use the maveo scanner, you also need the maveo box or the maveo scanner Starter Bundle.

The maveo scanner has an industrial-standard reading unit for barcodes and QR codes. This means that it can read optical codes even in difficult weather conditions, such as frost or moisture, with the help of an integrated LED and mini-heating unit.

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