Seamless delivery and collection of goods

Use your workshop as a delivery point!

Do you have a craft business or a workshop and could use a helping hand to make your daily work easier? Do you often spend time waiting for deliveries of goods or customers to pick something up from you?

Would you like to make all your customers happy at once, but how can you be in multiple places at the same time?

Surely it is difficult for you to cover all bases at once: Everyone wants something from you and several things have to happen at the same time. Perhaps there are moments when you wish you could be at several places at the same time? 

maveo scanner - so you no longer need to do everything on your own anymore

Imagine being able to rely on receiving your orders even when you're on the road! Imagine no longer having to wait on site or hiring someone to accept deliveries or release goods to your customers!

That is exactly what our maveo scanner makes possible!

It transforms your workshop or garage into a giant delivery point and thus offers you two functions: On the one hand, you can have your deliveries shipped directly to your premises. Here they are well protected from theft and rain. In addition, you can provide access to your customers and forwarders via a personal access code that can be locked remotely at any time - day or night.

Cover your bases!

The maveo scanner holds the fort in your workshop while you're on the road. This means that you have to arrange no more fixed delivery dates, which may be associated with additional costs, but can flexibly pursue your daily work.

The best part: The maveo scanner immediately sends to you a notification via the maveo app when you receive a delivery or someone has entered your workshop. So, you always know whether an order has arrived or not, and you keep a clear overview despite not being there!

If you still want to keep an eye on things, we recommend that you install a commercially available camera in your premises.

Three really good reasons to use the maveo scanner to improve workflows in your business

Time is money

Don't waste your time waiting for deliveries in your workshop or business. With the maveo scanner, you have more time for customer appointments and other tasks - and can thus increase your sales.

Relief for you

As a tradesperson, you have plenty of things to take care of as it is - deliveries and pickups shouldn't take up unnecessary time.

The best service for your customers

Round-the-clock pickups with an access code increases your customer’s satisfaction. This way, you not only offer them a novel way to receive their goods, but at the same time improve your image and ensure recommendations and good reviews.

Make yourself and your customers happy!

Would you like to use the maveo scanner to make your workshop more efficient? Then get the maveo scanner bundle in our online shop.

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Are you still unsure whether the maveo scanner is suitable for your situation on site? We will be happy to offer our advice: Simply send us a non-binding inquiry!

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Have you got everything?

To use the maveo box you need:

  • the maveo box,
  • power and wifi reception in your garage,
  • a smartphone to install the maveo app.

Is my garage door opener compatible?

Marantec garage door openers from mid-2012 (Comfort 260/270/280/360/370/380) are definitely compatible.


I have a garage door opener from another manufacturer



Direct answers to the most important questions


b/g/n 2,4 GHz

5GHz is not supported


The wi-fi network needs WPA or WPA2 encryption.

None or WEP encryption is not accepted.

Public networks Networks with login masks, e.g. at airports, are not supported.
SSID SSID must be transmitted, the network must be visible.
countries American wi-fi routers use different settings and are not compatible.

The following parcel service providers are compatible with the maveo scanner: DHL, UPS, Hermes, DPD, TNT, FedEx, Amazon, Trans-o-Flex.

Not suitable is the standard shipping of Deutsche Post.

From some orders, even from compatible parcel service providers, it is known that the tracking numbers are not printed on the package, and therefore can not open the gate. As a rule, these are orders from other continents, here the parcel service providers seem to use other standards.

No personal data are collected. Machine and device data for diagnosis and use of the system are transmitted to the manufacturer in anonymized form (Marantec Antriebs- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG). They are used to improve the products.

Installing maveo is easy. No elaborate installation or complicated wiring is required. Simply follow the enclosed instructions and complete the guided commissioning procedure in the smart with maveo app.

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