Turn your garage into your personal delivery point!

Online shopping makes your life easier in many ways: You can shop around the clock and have almost everything delivered to your front door. What a dream, right? Unfortunately, there's a catch: Too many deliveries cannot be delivered on the first attempt. The end of the story: Everyone is annoyed - your delivery guy, your neighbors and of course you too.

But that's over now, because we have the perfect solution for you!

Our maveo scanner turns your garage into a personal delivery point: a secure place where mail- and delivery men can drop off deliveries of any type and size for you at any time - and completely contactless.

With the maveo scanner, you make the best possible use of the space you already have: your garage. Unlike a separate package mailbox or mailbox with an extra package compartment, the maveo scanner requires little space on your garage wall. In addition, the storage space for deliveries is almost unlimited and no package is too large.

Trapped at home? No thank you.

Aren't you sick and tired of having to ring your neighbor's doorbell or drive halfway across town to pick up your packages? Do you ever wonder why the package delivery people always ring the doorbell right when you're in an online meeting, in the shower, lying down for a nap, or changing your baby?

With the maveo scanner, you can finally go about your day the way you want instead of being stuck at home waiting for an important package. Whether it's your weekly HelloFresh order, a package from Amazon, your Zalando haul, or your beverage supplier: Your garage keeps everything well protected and safe.

Three really great reasons to turn your garage into your personal delivery point

Your time is too valuable to waste any of it

You probably have better things to do than pick up your packages from a neighbor, a delivery point or the post office, right? The maveo scanner gives you time for the important things in life.

The safest place for your packages

Your packages should end up where they are meant to be: at your house - safe and immediately available.

Say goodbye to lugging heavy things

Take a load off: Especially with large and heavy packages, you'll be glad you don't have to pick them up and struggle with them anymore.

Don't unnecessarily complicate your life!

Would you like to be flexible in your everyday life and no longer dependent on delivery services? Then get the maveo scanner in our online shop!

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Smart deliveries easily explained

Step 1

After placing an order online, you will receive a tracking number or tracking ID. In the maveo app, you add a new expected delivery and enter exactly this number.

Step 2

This ID corresponds to the barcode on the package you will receive. On the day of delivery, the delivery person scans your delivery with the maveo scanner:

Step 3

Your garage door will then open, your package can be dropped of and the door automatically closes again after a few seconds. Sounds like magic? Nope - simply maveo!

Have you got everything?

To use the maveo box you need:

  • the maveo box,
  • power and wifi reception in your garage,
  • a smartphone to install the maveo app.

Is my garage door opener compatible?

Marantec garage door openers from mid-2012 (Comfort 260/270/280/360/370/380) are definitely compatible.


I have a garage door opener from another manufacturer



Direct answers to the most important questions

The following parcel service providers are compatible with the maveo scanner: DHL, UPS, Hermes, DPD, TNT, FedEx, Amazon, Trans-o-Flex.

Not suitable is the standard shipping of Deutsche Post.

From some orders, even from compatible parcel service providers, it is known that the tracking numbers are not printed on the package, and therefore can not open the gate. As a rule, these are orders from other continents, here the parcel service providers seem to use other standards.

You can have the parcel conveniently delivered to your address. You can also log in to the online portal of the parcel service provider and arrange a drop-off contract. Don't worry, "delivery contract" is just the general term for delivery location, parcel OK & Co. That's what parcel service providers call their tools, which allow you to specify a delivery location individually chosen by you to the messenger for each delivery.

Use the online portals of the parcel service providers who deliver to you, because handwritten notes are often ignored, these could also come from someone other than you.

Give hints: Ideally, you should also print out signs or notices and attach them in the garage so that they are clearly visible, so that the parcel delivery person does not place the parcel in the light barrier or in the path of your car.

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