Create your own maveo world!

Does technology excite you? Are you open to new solutions and already have some smart devices at home? Then you must have your very own idea of what makes a smart garage, right?

The maveo box and the maveo scanner can be seamlessly integrated into existing smart home systems or connected with many smart home products - they also open up new possibilities for making your garage even smarter!

Discover your inner programmer!

If there's a little programmer hiding inside you, then you will surely manage to integrate maveo into the smart home systems in your house (open source). Devices that are compatible with maveo could also work with other smart home systems - so you can easily bridge the gap to your garage door.



What's inside?

Diverse interfaces

With our WiFi module you can not only connect the maveo box to your network but can also use it as a repeater or a hotspot for others. Alternatively, it is also possible to have the maveo box only to communicate with the WiFi interface, should you wish to keep it in a specific radius without integrating it in an existing network.

Another smart feature is the NFC interface, which you can use to program the maveo sensor h+t or radio accessories (e.g. hand transmitters) from Marantec: Simply place it onto the maveo box and the wizard in the maveo app will guide you through the installation of the sensor or hand transmitter.

ZigBee is the smart home technology par excellence, so you probably already have some products that use this technology, right? For example, take your Philips Hue light and sync it with your garage door drive lights!

Three really good reasons to get creative with maveo

Sophisticated IoT products

Our hardware was engineered and manufactured in Germany - naturally using high-grade materials. Our software offers various interfaces (WiFi module, NFC, ZigBee, TCP and UDP interfaces).

Diverse application options

Connect maveo with existing smart home systems or other smart products you already have at home, or design your own entirely new scenarios.

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Show the maveo community what you've got!

We are excited to see your interpretation of maveo: Think outside the box and show us and other maveo users your ideas - this will turn your projects into an inspiration for others.

Convince yourself!

Treat your garage to more maveo: Get the maveo box and the maveo scanner and see for yourself how versatile they are!

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Have you got everything?

To use the maveo box you need:

  • the maveo box,
  • power and wifi reception in your garage,
  • a smartphone to install the maveo app.

Is my garage door opener compatible?

Marantec garage door openers from mid-2012 (Comfort 260/270/280/360/370/380) are definitely compatible.


I have a garage door opener from another manufacturer



Direct answers to the most important questions

maveo works with all current iPhone and Android smartphones as well as iPads and many tablets. Apple devices require iOS 10 or higher, Android devices at least 5.1.

Your smartphone should also support Bluetooth┬« 4.2.

You can easily add ZigBee devices to maveo. Go to the settings of the maveo app and add a device.

Put the ZigBee device you want to add into pairing mode. How exactly to do this, you can read in the manual and on the support pages of the device manufacturer.

Select ZigBee devices.

Now the maveo box will start a 120 second process of searching for ZigBee devices in the area. If you have put the device in the right pairing mode, it will be shown to you now. This process can take a few seconds.
Once your device is detected, it is already added. You can then exit the screen, even if the countdown is still counting down.

A list of compatible devices can be found here.

You need two sensors for the ventilation scenario:

One is used inside your garage, and one is used for outside.

Both values are compared with each other, if it is more humid inside the garage than outside, then your garage will ventilate, but only at the specified time. Which sensor you place where is up to you, but we have recommendations for you:

As an indoor sensor:

Use for the measurement in the garage, the maveo sensor h+t, you can easily add it via the NFC interface.

You can also add the following ZigBee sensors:

As an outdoor sensor:

Use our weather location service as an outdoor sensor, this service is free for you. We request the current weather online. Therefore, specify your location as precisely as possible, you can also search by your zip code.

Alternatively you can also use:

Your outdoor weather stations from Netatmo, connect to your Netatmo account in the maveo app. 

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And what else? Discover more possible uses for the maveo scanner!

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