Smart Access. Smart Delivery. Smart Garage.

We love garages. They offer a protected place for everything that is important to us - for cars, bicycles, tools or children's toys. And yet we believe: we can do more! A garage is more than just a storage space, it is a valuable living space.

That's exactly why we developed maveo: a full-feature smart garage system. With maveo, you simply get more out of your garage and make your everyday life a bit easier.

Get the best garage experience!

Whatever you plan to do with your garage or workshop - maveo makes it possible. Would you, for example, like to ...

  • ... use your garage as a delivery point?
  • ... securely and reliably receive deliveries as a commercial?
  • ... assign individual access codes to family and friends?
  • ... control your garage door at any time and from anywhere via your smartphone?
  • ... network various devices, such as smart lights and temperature or humidity sensors, to be able to control everything centrally?


And how does that work?

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Our maveo box

Your garage should perfectly fit your life - our maveo box is the start into the world of smart garages!


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Our maveo scanner

With our maveo scanner, you can issue digital keys for your garage temporarily - for example to deliverymen and other suppliers, family members, neighbors, friends or tradesmen. This way you don't have to stay at home or in your workshop to give someone access to your building - saving time and stress!


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maveo for everyone

Thanks to its wide range of uses, maveo is suitable for both private and commercial applications - making your everyday life easier both at home and at work.

Sounds good? It is! Come check out our maveo online shop: There you can find all the important technical details about the various maveo products and order them with just a few clicks.


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maveo offers you many further applications that you may not even be thinking of yet - and we probably aren't either, because the world of maveo products is constantly expanding! The best part: maveo is already compatible with many smart products from other manufacturers.


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Do you have any questions?

Are you still unsure whether the maveo scanner is suitable for you? We are happy to advise you: Just send us a non-binding inquiry!

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