First Steps


Operation and status of the new generation maveo box (recognizable by a multi-color LED) with different colors.

LED Indicator

Constant green glow

1. The maveo box is booted up or shut down. 

2. Update is loaded and installed.

3. Reset is performed.

blue pulsation (breathe)

maveo box is ready for operation and connected to Wi-Fi.

red pulsation

maveo box is ready for operation, but not connected to Wi-Fi.

Constant blue glow

maveo box is in Bluetooth® advertising mode. In this mode, the maveo box should only be in pairing with the smartphone while you want to connect the maveo box to the home network. 

red flashing

Error - restart is required. 

blue and red glow Soft Flash to restore a maveo box.

Reset Button

Short press


>5 Seconds Press

Reset: maveo box is reset to factory settings.

Connect Button

Short press

Confirm the setup. You will be prompted to do so at the right place in the maveo app. 

>3 Seconds Press

Bluetooth® advertising mode is activated.

Operation and status of the first generation maveo box (recognizable by a red LED only).

LED Indicator

Constant glow

1. The maveo box is booted up or shut down.

2. Update is loaded and installed.


maveo box is ready for operation and connected to Wi-Fi.

Pulse & flash repetition

maveo box is operational but not connected to Wi-Fi.

Pulse & double flash repetition

maveo box is in Bluetooth advertising mode.

Fast flashing


Reset Button

Short press


>5 Seconds Press

Reset: maveo box is reset to factory settings.

Connect Button

Short press

Confirm the setup.

>3 Seconds Press

Bluetooth advertising mode is activated.

Of course you can! To connect a second smartphone to your maveo box, first download the maveo app and install it on the second device.

Now connect the smartphone to the Wi-Fi network where your maveo box is located.

Now open the maveo app and go to "Set up maveo box". After accepting the privacy policy, tap on the button "My maveo box is already connected".

Under the item "maveo boxes in the Wi-Fi", you will find your maveo box that has already been taught in. Select it and press the yellow Connect button on the back of the maveo box when prompted. Now your second smartphone is connected.

Before you set up the maveo box:
You will need an additional USB-to-LAN adapter. You can buy this adapter online or in electronics stores.

Plug it into the free USB slot of the maveo box.
You will also need a long Ethernet cable. Plug it into a free LAN port of the router and connect it to the USB-to-LAN adapter.

If you now want to add a maveo box in the maveo app, it will be displayed as already connected. All you have to do is press the Connect button on the maveo box once more. Now the maveo box is permanently enrolled in your network.

If you have already set up the maveo box:
Simply install the Ethernet cable, you don't have to change anything or add anything again. The connection is automatically switched to Ethernet.

When setting up the maveo box, make sure that your smartphone is connected to the target network that you want to integrate the maveo box into. Try pressing the Connect button again and start again once your smartphone is in the correct Wi-Fi.

Good to know: If this problem occurs, some signals do not pass through your network from the maveo box to your smartphone. Please check the settings of your router. Be sure to enable UPNP.
Make sure that your smartphone, the maveo app and the maveo box have all updates downloaded and installed. If you have any questions, check our FAQs for router and network requirements

This can be due to several reasons. They depend on what you are trying to set up:

Check the proper setup of the device and if you are in range. For Wi-Fi devices, make sure that the router and network settings are correct.

If in doubt, restart the setup wizard or restart the maveo app or the maveo box.

When setting up the maveo box, make sure that your smartphone and the maveo box are in the same network.

Go to the Home screen of the maveo app and tap on the + in the top right-hand corner. You are now in a set-up assistant, where you can add a Marantec garage door drive.

Note that you may only plug in the maveo stick if you have disconnected the drive from the mains. The app will warn you of this before you plug the stick in. After plugging in the stick, you may reconnect the plug to the mains. You now simply need to press the small yellow button on the stick, which gives you 30 seconds to search for Bluetooth devices in your maveo app. After adding the drive, you can give the maveo stick an appropriate name, for example “garage door”.

If you want to update the firmware of your maveo stick to version 52.1.10 so that you can control the drive’s light via the smartphone, please follow the steps below: After updating, you will be asked to disconnect the drive from the mains. This time, you can plug in the maveo stick. You must then reconnect to the mains and wait until the countdown on the drive has elapsed.

By the way: Refer to the “maveo system” section in the “Compatibility” FAQ to see which drives are compatible with the maveo sticks.

Operation and status of the maveo stick

LED Indicator

No glow Connected, everything is fine. 

Short flashing

Advertising mode whitelist - A maveo stick with this blinking behavior was previously connected to a maveo box, this connection is now disconnected. The maveo stick will automatically search for the previously connected maveo boxes to reconnect to them. 

Double flashing

Advertising mode with empty whitelist - A maveo stick with this flashing behavior has never been connected to a maveo box, or the maveo stick has been reset. If you want this maveo stick to control your gate, you must first connect it to the maveo box.

Fast flashing Connected but not paired. (Error) - Perform a reset and add the maveo stick to your maveo box again in the maveo app.


Short press

Starts the Bluetooth® advertising mode or interrupts an existing Bluetooth® connection.

>5 Seconds Press

Deleting the whitelist / reset.

Connection to maveo box no longer possible after reset.

This will delete all saved connections of the maveo stick. 

Do this only in case of error or after instruction by our support. 


What is a whitelist? 

A whitelist, also called a positive list or exception list, is a tool used in information technology - in contrast to a blacklist - to group together the same elements that the authors of the list believe to be trustworthy. This procedure ensures that your maveo sticks can only connect to the maveo boxes that you have previously put into operation and that no connections by third parties are possible. 

Go to the sandwich menu on the home screen and then to "My account". Here you can create a maveo cloud account. You need to use an email address whose mailbox you have access to, so that you can confirm the verification code. From now on you can control the gates from the road.

During the use

Don't worry!
There are two ways to securely reconnect your new smartphone to maveo.

1. You have a maveo account: Simply download the "Smart with maveo" app on your new smartphone. To be on the safe side, change the password of your maveo account. How to do that you can find here "I forgot my password, what can I do?". Then log in with your new credentials. Now you can find all your saved content on your smartphone again.

2. You do not have a maveo account: If you don't have a maveo account, you have to connect to your maveo box locally. To do this, proceed in exactly the same way as you did during the initial setup. The only difference is that you don't have to enter the password for your wireless network again.
We have described how to proceed with the initial setup in the article on initial setup.

One more thing: For your security, you should always protect your smartphone from unauthorized access with a lock, such as a numeric code or facial recognition. If your smartphone was not protected by a lock, reset your maveo box to be on the safe side. You will find the procedure in the article "I no longer want to use or sell maveo. How do I reset the devices?".

If you want to restart your maveo box, you can do this either via the maveo app or manually.

1) Go to the maveo app and then to the settings of the maveo box. 

2) Take a sim tool or a paper clip and press the reset button on the back of your maveo box. ATTENTION: Do not press the button for more than 3 seconds, this will trigger a reset.

It's very simple! To do this, go to the maveo app and then to Settings. Under your maveo box, you will find the corresponding menu for shutting down the maveo box. Only then should you disconnect the power connection.

If this option is not available for you, you can simply disconnect the power supply, shutting down is not necessary in this case.

Quite simple, but one after the other. Updating the firmware of maveo, for example maveo box or maveo sensor h+t, is device-dependent. Your maveo app will inform you about an update for one of the components.

On your gate screen you will find a warning above the gate graphic on the left when an update is available. You will be guided through the update in the maveo app. We strongly recommend installing any available update.

During the update, the smartphone and the maveo app must remain open. Before the update, please check if the device you want to update is available (e.g. the maveo stick is in the drive).

We ask you to be patient for a moment. You cannot control the gate via the maveo app during the update, also the automations of the maveo box are suspended until the update is complete.

An update of the maveo app is independent of this. We recommend that you enable automatic app updates in the settings of your smartphone. This way you are always up to date. 

After an update of the maveo app, it may happen in rare cases that you are logged out. Log back in with your maveo cloud account. Your goals and settings will still be there.

No, Bluetooth® does not need to be turned on on your smartphone to operate maveo. The maveo app communicates with the maveo box via WLAN.
You only need a Bluetooth® connection on your smartphone for the initial startup, to set up the Wi-Fi connection between the maveo box and your router.

It happens, but a forgotten password is not a problem!
Go to the "Forgotten password" writing below the input fields for your data of the maveo cloud. Here you can follow the instructions to create a new password.

The choice is yours. maveo offers you numerous ways to use your lights:

Starting with maveo Stick version 52.1.25, you can turn the drive's light on or off by tapping the small light bulb above your goal image in the home screen.

You can control the lights of your smart devices, e.g. your Philips Hue lights or IKEA Trädfri, in the following menu: Go to the Sandwich menu, tap on "Connected devices" and then select the device you want to control.

How do I set up the maveo system?

For the setup you need a smartphone, a wireless home network, a maveo box and a maveo stick. Make sure that the maveo box is installed near the drive, as it needs to establish a Bluetooth® connection to it. If you don't have Wi-Fi reception in your garage yet, you can upgrade it with repeaters, or you can lay a network cable in your garage and connect it to your maveo box with a USB-LAN adapter.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Install the maveo box no further than 1.4 meters from a power outlet.

2. First mount the wall bracket. For this you need a 6mm drill bit, the supplied dowels and screws and the wall bracket.

I: Use the two dowels for the wall mount.
II: Align the recesses of the wall bracket with the dowels.
III: Fasten the wall mount with the screws.

3. Disconnect your garage door opener from the power supply. Plug in the maveo stick. Reconnect the opener to the power supply. 

4. Now plug the USB-C end of the supplied cable into the maveo box.

5. Plug the other end into the back of the power supply.

6. Only AFTER you have connected both ends, plug the power supply into the socket.

Note: When you start the video, content is loaded from Youtube.


After inserting the power plug into the maveo box, it will flash colorfully for a short time. After that, the maveo box will glow green constantly for about 1 minute, this is the sign that the maveo box is booting up (boot process). During this time you cannot continue with the installation, you have to wait until it starts pulsating red. This is the sign that it has booted and is now offline. The maveo box is not (yet) connected to the internet.
The maveo box is now ready to connect to the maveo app, continue with step 6.


Info for users of the old maveo box generation:

So far there are two models of maveo box, you should only have the latest generation with RGB LED. In an early version of the maveo box the LED was exclusively in red color. Booting was represented here by a constant red glow. Booting, but offline, was represented by an alternation of flashing and pulsing in red.

7. Download the Smart with maveo app to your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play.

8. Once the app is downloaded, open it.

9. Follow the setup process in the maveo app and connect the maveo box to your Wi-Fi router or the alternatives described above.

The next steps to start maveo:

  • Connect your smartphone to the maveo box via Bluetooth®.
  • To do this, go to the maveo app and click on the (+) in the upper right corner of the screen. Confirm the permissions for the smartphone to allow the maveo app to use Bluetooth® and search for devices in the network. Press the yellow Connect button on the maveo box for at least 3 seconds. The LED of the maveo box now lights up constantly blue. A new maveo box is then displayed in the app, and a Bluetooth® icon with maveo box appears on the smartphone.
  • Here you will see the available wireless networks. Select your home network, or the network of your repeater. The signal strength should be at least 50%.
  • Now you just need to enter the Wi-Fi password. Wait a moment until the maveo box has connected to your network. 
  • To confirm, you will be prompted in the maveo app to press the yellow button again, but this time only briefly. With this step, the maveo box verifies that you have the right to access the maveo system. 

10. Place the maveo box on the wall mount until it clicks into place.

11. Turn the maveo box clockwise onto the holder.

How can I set up the maveo box with LTE stick?

Manual of an alternate usage of maveo if you do not have Wi-Fi reception inside of your garage.

Requirements of your garage:

Please note: Prior to installation, you should check whether the LTE/4G reception is sufficient at the maveo box’s place of use. To do so, go to the place of use (e.g. your garage when it is closed) and check with your smartphone whether you have LTE/4G reception there. We recommend a signal strength of at least 50 percent.

What you need:

  • A 4g surf stick with an USB-A plug.
  • A SIM card with enough data volume or
  • a sufficient contract for LTE/4G reception.
  • Wi-Fi router and internet connection once for pre-setup.



Put your maveo box into operation in a local network. You can use your home Wi-Fi or LAN (using an USB LAN adapter) for this purpose.
The best way is to do so is to directly stand beside your home Wi-Fi router.
If neither Wi-Fi nor LAN is available on site, you can activate a mobile hotspot with a second smartphone to set up the maveo box. Please make sure that the smartphone used to set up the maveo box is also connected to the hotspot of the second device.

For initial setup: Perform an update of the maveo box to ensure that it is up to date. If you are not directly asked for the update after the initial setup, please start it manually. You can read here how to do an update: How does updating the firmware of my devices work?


Connect your maveo box to the maveo cloud. Therefor, go into the settings of the maveo box and check "activate remote connection".

  • Check whether the box has successfully connected to the cloud, by deactivating wi-fi on your smartphone and try to operate the gate.
  • Disconnect the power supply of the maveo box.
  • To be able to use the SIM card in the LTE/4G surf stick, you have to remove the SIM lock first.
  • You can use your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone for this purpose.
  • Insert the SIM card intended for the LTE/4G surf stick into your smartphone.

Please note: The procedure depends on the manufacturer and Android version!

How to proceed with Android:

  1. Open the settings of your smartphone.
  2. Select the menu item Security.
  3. Search for the item Set up SIM lock or SIM PIN options or a similar wording. Select it.
  4. In the next menu, you can either deactivate the PIN request or change the PIN. To deactivate the PIN request, simply remove the tick.

How to proceed with Apple:

  1. Go to Settings > Mobile Network > SIM PIN.
    If you have an iPad, go to Settings > Mobile Data > SIM PIN.
  2. Switch your SIM PIN on or off.
  3. Enter your SIM PIN when you are asked to do so.
  4. Press Done.
  5. Insert the SIM card without the PIN into the LTE/4G surf stick.
  6. Then insert the LTE/4G surf stick into the USB port of the switched-off maveo box.
  7. Place the maveo box at its intended location and plug the power adapter into the socket.
  8. Please wait until the mveo box has booted up and the red LED pulses evenly.

The 4G surf stick automatically connects to the cellular network. The LED on most LTE/4G surf sticks light up constantly in blue color as soon as an LTE/4G connection has successfully been established. If this is not the case, be patient for a moment and change the of the maveo box if necessary. Have a look into the manual of the surf stick, of necessary.

The maveo box in now online and can be operated via the maveo app. Please note that you have to be logged in to the cloud via the app.


List of compatible surf sticks (as of February 2020):

  • HUAWEI E3372
  • Telekom Speedstick LTE V