Security and Data Protection

maveo can be reset in two easy steps.

First, remove each maveo box from your maveo cloud account.

To do this, go to the "Settings" section via the sandwich menu in the upper left corner. There you go to "My account", then to "Logout". There you check the box "Delete my account". Now your maveo box is disconnected from your maveo cloud account.

There is only one more step to complete the logout: Take a bent paper clip and press and hold the reset button on the back of your maveo box for more than 5 seconds. This will delete all personal data and settings stored on your maveo box. The maveo box will be reset to its factory default settings. This includes your scenarios, your gates, your smart devices and the passwords for your Wi-Fi connections.

One more thing: You should return the maveo box to the manufacturer. It is not intended for resale.

No personal data are collected. Machine and device data for diagnosis and use of the system are transmitted to the manufacturer in anonymized form (Marantec Antriebs- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG). They are used to improve the products.

maveo is very secure. Your data, i.e. settings, devices, assigned names, as well as network access, are only stored in the maveo box, i.e. on your premises. The Wi-Fi access is secured by WPA2 & WPA3 keys. Access via the Internet is protected with AES encryption with 256-bit key length. Automatic software updates keep the maveo box always up-to-date.

Only the data for your maveo cloud account, i.e. email address, password and a certificate key for the maveo box, must be stored on the server side so that you can operate the gateway remotely. We rely on servers located in Germany, which are certified according to European standards. But this is optional, you don't have to choose a maveo cloud account, you can also run maveo purely locally.

maveo reserves the right to transfer anonymized machine data of the gate operators to the manufacturer, which will be used to improve the products.