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Marantec (and formerly MFZOvitor) operators can be controlled with maveo. All you need is a maveo stick, which is included in the maveo starter bundle.

I have a garage door opener from another manufacturer. 

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The following Marantec operators are compatible with maveo:

  • Garage door openers: Comfort 260, 270, 280, 360, 370, 380, 390 & 390 Plus from revision level 10.
  • Industrial door drives with CS310 control unit (from software version 1.55a, older software versions can be updated by the specialist partner) & VTA.
  • Industrial door control units CS320.

In the future the following operators will be compatible:

  • Swing gate openers: Comfort 515, 516, 525, 530 and with the control unit Control x.52
  • Sliding gate openers: Comfort 861 & Comfort 861S with the control unit Control x.82

If you are not sure if your gate operator is suitable, just ask a Marantec dealer in your area.


When integrating swing and sliding gates, it is essential to pay attention to the Bluetooth® range. The maveo box communicates via Bluetooth® with the garage door opener and the yard gate opener. Depending on the location and construction of the garage, connection interruptions may occur if the yard gate opener is too far away or the garage completely shields the connection. As a guideline, you can assume a distance of 30 meters in the open field, but this will be significantly shorter depending on the interference and walls.
Please also note before installation that you should not program automatic closing in the door operator itself. Automatic closing after passing through the light barrier can also lead to undesired behavior. Instead, use the "Automatic closing" scenario provided by maveo.

maveo works with all current iPhone and Android smartphones. Apple devices require iOS 10 or higher, Android at least 5.1.

Your smartphone should also support Bluetooth® 4.2.

Technical Information

Yes! If you want the whole family to use maveo, you have to install the "Smart with maveo“ app on each family member’s smartphone and connect them to your maveo box. The guided setup helps you with this. Simply press the "My maveo box is already connected" button during setup. Once this has been done for all smartphones or tablets, the entire family can easily use maveo!

Hand transmitters and other opener accessories can be used in addition to maveo. So access without a smartphone is possible as well. 

If your maveo stick has firmware version 52.1.10 and you have already connected it once, you must reconnect a maveo stick with version 52.1.10 to be able to operate the door again. If this is not possible, you can perform a reset called "MS-Bus reset" on the operator: To do this, go to programming level 1, menu 8 parameter 7, or ask your Marantec partner for help.

The maveo box is not waterproof. For severe conditions, the maveo box should be installed in a waterproof plastic housing intended for outdoor use. Please note that this can impair the signal strength.

maveo devices: Information about the hardware of your maveo devices can be found on the back of the products. To get information about the software, tap on the "settings" screen in the maveo app.

External devices: Information on your external devices can be found in the maveo app under "my devices" in settings. Or use the device manufacturer's app to find out more.

As long as the seal on the packaging of the maveo box is undamaged, you can use the maveo box without any problems. If the seal is damaged, please refer to "I have received a maveo box whose seal was damaged on the packaging, can I still use the box?".

Yes, you can control maveo from any location. To do this, you need a maveo cloud account. You can set it up yourself. An account is necessary so that the opener control commands can be sent to the maveo box in an encrypted and secure way and no access by third parties is possible.

For the initial setup of maveo, you need an internet connection and Wi-Fi reception to set up your maveo cloud account and your maveo box. As long as you stay logged in with your maveo cloud account, you can check if your door is closed and open or close it while on the road. Additionally you can use the "Coming home" scenario. This opens your garage door when you approach it.

You can also use maveo without an internet connection after the startup, then your maveo box is connected to a Wi-Fi, which has no internet connection. This means that the features mentioned above are not available when you are on the road, but only when you are within Wi-Fi range.

With maveo, you have the choice! It is possible to use maveo without an internet connection in your local home network. However, you won't have access to your garage when you're on the road, and you won't receive any software updates. These can contain new functions and also improve security.

If you see a damaged seal on the packaging of the maveo box, you should not accept it. For data protection reasons, a used maveo box should be treated in the same way as a used smartphone. Either return the maveo box, or contact the previous owner(s) and ask them to follow the steps from this question:

"I don't want to use maveo anymore or sell it. How do I reset the devices?"

If in doubt, you should return a maveo box with a damaged seal to your dealer. 


You start with at least the maveo box and a maveo stick to intelligently network your garage door. With this, you can control your door via the maveo app and get notified about your door status. Of course, you can add more smart products from the start to make your garage smart.

For each garage door that you want to integrate into the maveo system, you need a maveo stick. This is plugged into the back of the operator and has a Bluetooth module. The garage door is controlled by the maveo box. You can get the maveo stick in our store either individually or in a package in combination with the maveo box.

For each door that you want to ventilate intelligently, you need a maveo sensor h+t. Each additional item is an accessory and expands the maveo system and your smart home.

You need a smartphone with Bluetooth® connection, good Wi-Fi reception in your garage, as well as a maveo box and a maveo stick to automate at least one door.
For each additional door you need at least one more maveo stick or a maveo relay for door operators that are not developed by Marantec or MFZOvitor. You can read more about these here: Which gate drives can be controlled by maveo?

If you are unsure, contact the manufacturer of the operator printed on the operator and ask for Marantec or MFZOvitor.
A maveo sensor h+t is required for each door that you want to ventilate automatically.

If you don't have good Wi-Fi reception in your garage, you can either amplify it with the help of a repeater or you can lay a network cable into your garage and connect it to a LAN to USB adapter that you plug into the maveo box.

You need good Wi-Fi reception at the location of the box or at least a LAN connection to the maveo box, a smartphone and the maveo app.

No, maveo can be used wherever you have access to Wi-Fi. This also applies to commercial and industrial sectors.

The maveo box allows other devices to be connected via Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi, or Zigbee. The range depends on the wireless standard and installation location. For the optimum range, your Wi-Fi router, maveo box, and other devices should be positioned so that the shortest line connecting them (beeline) passes through as little masonry or other dampening materials as possible.

Under normal conditions, the range of a Bluetooth® connection is up to 20 m in the open field. If there is a wall in between, a stable range is 10 meters. If your door is much further away from the maveo box, you can use an extension cable to reach more distant . Talk to your specialist partner.

The range of your Wi-Fi signal depends on the performance of your router. To find out whether there is sufficient signal strength at the installation location of the maveo box, you can go to "Settings, Network, Wi-Fi connections, Access point, Signal strength". Check the signal strength to see how good the reception is.

If the signal strength is too weak, you can upgrade your garage with a repeater or powerline adapter. Alternatively, you can connect the maveo box to a LAN cable. You will need a LAN-to-USB 3.0 adapter for this.

We tell you two solutions to this problem. To achieve a good range, the maveo box should be installed near the drives, protected from the weather. Use your smartphone or tablet to check whether there is a permanently stable Wi-Fi signal at the intended installation location of the maveo box. If your device loses the connection to the Wi-Fi router, it is possible to increase the range of the Wi-Fi router.

Wi-Fi repeater: You can increase the range of your Wi-Fi router with the help of a Wi-Fi repeater. You can find these in electronics stores from various manufacturers. The repeater is plugged into a free power outlet and serves to extend the range of the Wi-Fi router.

Cable: Alternatively, you can use a USB-to-LAN adapter and establish a connection with the cable between the maveo box and the router.

To achieve a good connection, the maveo box should be installed near the garage door openers, protected from the weather. The maveo box establishes a Bluetooth® connection to the operator. The range is between 10 and 30 meters.

You can easily check whether there is a permanently stable Wi-Fi signal at the intended installation location of the maveo box. Try streaming high-quality videos with your smartphone or tablet in the garage. If your smartphone still displays the Wi-Fi icon and does not switch to LTE or 5G, the signal strength is good.
If the Wi-Fi reception in the garage is not sufficient, there are several easy methods you can use to help:

  1. Laying an Ethernet cable. We recommend this method. You also need a USB to LAN adapter. Inexpensive models from online stores or specialized stores are suitable.
  2. Install a Wi-Fi repeater between the maveo box and the router of your home network. A repeater connects to the router and amplifies the Wi-Fi signal. This way you extend the range of your router. Make sure that you use different SSIDs (the name of the network) for the router and the repeater. You only register the maveo box in the repeater's network, not in the router's network.
  3. Operation via LTE stick: This method is associated with additional costs, but you are completely independent of the Wi-Fi reception. An LTE stick is simply plugged into the USB slot of the maveo box. The maveo box then connects to the mobile network. The setup of a maveo cloud account is mandatory for this.

With maveo, you have the choice! It is possible to use maveo without an internet connection in your local home network. However, you won't have access to your garage when you're on the road, and you won't receive any software updates. These can contain new functions and also improve security.


b/g/n 2,4 GHz

5GHz is not supported


The wi-fi network needs WPA or WPA2 encryption.

None or WEP encryption is not accepted.

  Public networks Networks with login masks, e.g. at airports, are not supported.
  SSID SSID must be transmitted, the network must be visible.
  countries American wi-fi routers use different settings and are not compatible.


Firewall ports

If you have a home network, you should not have to change anything on your port settings. You simply need to ensure that ports 443 (for https) and 1883 (for MQTT) and 2213 are opened from inside to out. The following ports for traffic within the network must also be opened:

UDP Ports 5353 & 1900

TCP Ports 80, 4444, 2222, 4445 & 2223

Multicast DNS/DNS-SD service discovery




Virtual LAN (VLAN)

Client and maveo box must use the same network

Address assignment 


MAC filter

If you use a MAC filter, add the MAC address of the maveo box.

Port approval/port forwarding

Not required

The door system must comply with all applicable safety regulations. Contact your specialist partner for detailed information and a standard-compliant configuration of your gate system.
You can still check whether your door system is suitable for the installation of maveo:

  • Have you installed a light barrier and is it ready for operation? A light barrier automatically detects persons or objects in the door path and can prevent a possible collision at an early stage.
  • Does your door operator have an automatic shutdown after force measurement? This mechanism guarantees that persons or objects are detected by the garage door drive in the event of a collision and only come into contact with a minimum force. During the installation and maintenance of the door system, the DIN EN 13241-1 standard must be observed above all.
    When installing, carefully check the installation instructions of your door operator and your light barrier.

You can purchase a light barrier including installation service here.

Installing maveo is easy. No elaborate installation or complicated wiring is required. Simply follow the enclosed instructions and complete the guided commissioning procedure in the smart with maveo app.