Ventilation scenario

In addition to the maveo box, you need a maveo sensor h+t. This measures the humidity at any location near the box. In addition, the so-called "intermediate position OPEN" must be programmed into your drive. This position is approached during ventilation as soon as the humidity value exceeds the limit. Your Marantec specialist partner can set up the desired intermediate position for you.

Set up the intermediate position OPEN yourself:  You can find out how this works in the installation instructions for your drive under "Special functions → Basic functions → Intermediate position OPEN".

You need two sensors for the ventilation scenario:

One is used inside your garage, and one is used for outside.

Both values are compared with each other, if it is more humid inside the garage than outside, then your garage will ventilate, but only at the specified time. Which sensor you place where is up to you, but we have recommendations for you:

As an indoor sensor:

Use for the measurement in the garage, the maveo sensor h+t, you can easily add it via the NFC interface.

You can also add the following ZigBee sensors:

As an outdoor sensor:

Use our weather location service as an outdoor sensor, this service is free for you. We request the current weather online. Therefore, specify your location as precisely as possible, you can also search by your zip code.

Alternatively you can also use:

  • Your outdoor weather stations from Netatmo, connect to your Netatmo account in the maveo app. 

Coming home

In order for your gate to open automatically when you get close to your home again, you need to activate the "Coming home" scenario.

To do this, go to the settings of the maveo box and tap on the gate that you want to automate with this scenario. You can now select the location of the gate on the map, the address will be added automatically. In case of problems you can enter the address manually.

You can set a radius for the geofence. As soon as the radius is underrun, maveo sends you a message.

Make sure you are always logged in to the maveo cloud if you want to use the "Coming home" scenario. Even after you set it up for the first time, you need to stay logged in.

Now, when you go back near the previously specified address, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. Tap the message and unlock the smartphone. The gate will open automatically.

  1. Check in the settings of your smartphone if the maveo app has the permissions for the location query, this must be set to "always". 
  2. Check in the maveo app the location of your gate and how large you have set the geofence.

If everything is correct here, proceed as follows:

Close the maveo app completely and start it again.  Make sure you have a maveo cloud account and are logged in with it. You need to connect your maveo cloud account to your maveo box, how to do that you can read in the following article.