Get to know our maveo box!

Your garage should perfectly fit your life - our maveo box helps you to achieve this! maveo allows you to open and to close your garage door with your smartphone.

You feel like a smart system for your garage should offer even more? We think so too! That is why we have developed maveo in a way that does not limit your creativity in any way: For your next garage party, connect maveo with smart lights (Philips Hue, IKEA TRÅDFRI ...) or keep an eye on the humidity with our maveo h+t sensor and create automatic ventilation scenarios - say goodbye to mold in your garage! In combination with the maveo scanner, you can also receive packages at any time and grant selected people access to your garage. 

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A real eye-catcher in your garage: the maveo box

Our maveo box will impress you not only thanks to its smart function, but also visually: The black, high-gloss surface and a clear, modern shape give it a sophisticated design. Thanks to high-quality and durable materials, you will enjoy the new smart point in your garage for a long time. Mounting the maveo box is also very straightforward: simply mount the enclosed wall bracket, put the maveo box on it and you're done!

maveo: a clear design vocabulary and robust design


A premium high-gloss finish, with the NFC antenna below it.

Open for the future: the electronics


High-performance processor, 4 GB flash memory, Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz, Zigbee 3.0, USB interface for expansion, power connection via USB type C port.

Protects: the housing shell


Solid, durable, high-quality plastic. Soft-touch coating and control button.


Uncomplicated and well thought out: the wall bracket


Slide on, turn, finished. The wall bracket for simple wall mounting, straight edges for optimum positioning of the bubble level.

Clear and easy to use: our maveo app

How does the maveo box know what to do? By telling it via the maveo app! We hope that maveo will make your daily life a lot easier. That is why, when developing the maveo app, it was important to us that it has a clear design and is intuitive to use - without unnecessary bells and whistles. Using the maveo app, you can:

  • control your garage doors,
  • check whether your door is open or closed anywhere and at any time and
  • connect and use further smart devices, such as our maveo scanner.

Via push notifications, you will be informed on your smartphone about everything that is important, for example, a successful access or a new package delivery that was placed in your garage with the help of the maveo scanner. To make sure you don't miss anything, all these notifications are collected and listed for you in the Notification Center in the maveo app.


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Have you got everything?

To use the maveo box, you will need:

  • power and a WiFi connection in your garage
  • a smartphone to install the maveo app

Is my door opener compatible?

Marantec garage door openers from mid-2012 (Comfort 260/270/280/360/370/380) are compatible in any case.



How to install the maveo box?

The maveo box is mounted in your garage on a wall with a socket. The maveo box can then communicate with your door drive via a WIFI connection and the maveo stick. Our installation manual shows you what to do, step by step.

You'd rather leave the installation to experienced technicians? Not a problem! When you purchase your maveo box in the shop, simply add the installation service of our partner Mila and sit back and relax.

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Direct answers to the most important questions

  • WLAN reception: The maveo box, to which the maveo scanner is connected via a USB cable, needs stable WLAN reception. For example, you can use your smartphone to check how good the signal strength is in your garage; you should see at least two out of three bars in the top bar of your smartphone. It is best to check this before installing the maveo box and the maveo scanner.
  • Hole in the garage wall: For the installation of the maveo scanner, you need a hole in the garage wall. Drill the hole in the garage from the outside. You can then seal it with silicone.
  • Light barrier and power cut-off: If you use the maveo scanner, you operate the system according to standard 13241-1 in the "Automatic" operating mode. This means that it must have a light barrier and a correctly set force cut-off. This is required by law. If you have any questions about this, you can contact our specialist partners.
  • A free power outlet: You need a free space in the power outlet in your garage for the maveo box. The maveo scanner itself does not need a separate socket, it gets its power from the USB socket in the maveo box.
  • Special programming feature: The garage door opener must not be programmed with an automatic inlet. If this is nevertheless desired, it must be set to greater than 30 seconds so that the parcel carrier or delivery person still has time to leave your garage.

To achieve a good connection, the maveo box should be installed near the garage door openers, protected from the weather. The maveo box establishes a Bluetooth® connection to the operator. The range is between 10 and 30 meters.

You can easily check whether there is a permanently stable Wi-Fi signal at the intended installation location of the maveo box. Try streaming high-quality videos with your smartphone or tablet in the garage. If your smartphone still displays the Wi-Fi icon and does not switch to LTE or 5G, the signal strength is good.
If the Wi-Fi reception in the garage is not sufficient, there are several easy methods you can use to help:

  1. Laying an Ethernet cable. We recommend this method. You also need a USB to LAN adapter. Inexpensive models from online stores or specialized stores are suitable.
  2. Install a Wi-Fi repeater between the maveo box and the router of your home network. A repeater connects to the router and amplifies the Wi-Fi signal. This way you extend the range of your router. Make sure that you use different SSIDs (the name of the network) for the router and the repeater. You only register the maveo box in the repeater's network, not in the router's network.
  3. Operation via LTE stick: This method is associated with additional costs, but you are completely independent of the Wi-Fi reception. An LTE stick is simply plugged into the USB slot of the maveo box. The maveo box then connects to the mobile network. The setup of a maveo cloud account is mandatory for this.

Yes, you can control maveo from any location. To do this, you need a maveo cloud account. You can set it up yourself. An account is necessary so that the opener control commands can be sent to the maveo box in an encrypted and secure way and no access by third parties is possible.

For the initial setup of maveo, you need an internet connection and Wi-Fi reception to set up your maveo cloud account and your maveo box. As long as you stay logged in with your maveo cloud account, you can check if your door is closed and open or close it while on the road. Additionally you can use the "Coming home" scenario. This opens your garage door when you approach it.

You can also use maveo without an internet connection after the startup, then your maveo box is connected to a Wi-Fi, which has no internet connection. This means that the features mentioned above are not available when you are on the road, but only when you are within Wi-Fi range.

maveo is very secure. Your data, i.e. settings, devices, assigned names, as well as network access, are only stored in the maveo box, i.e. on your premises. The Wi-Fi access is secured by WPA2 & WPA3 keys. Access via the Internet is protected with AES encryption with 256-bit key length. Automatic software updates keep the maveo box always up-to-date.

Only the data for your maveo cloud account, i.e. email address, password and a certificate key for the maveo box, must be stored on the server side so that you can operate the gateway remotely. We rely on servers located in Germany, which are certified according to European standards. But this is optional, you don't have to choose a maveo cloud account, you can also run maveo purely locally.

maveo reserves the right to transfer anonymized machine data of the gate operators to the manufacturer, which will be used to improve the products.

Hand transmitters and other opener accessories can be used in addition to maveo. So access without a smartphone is possible as well. 

If your maveo stick has firmware version 52.1.10 and you have already connected it once, you must reconnect a maveo stick with version 52.1.10 to be able to operate the door again. If this is not possible, you can perform a reset called "MS-Bus reset" on the operator: To do this, go to programming level 1, menu 8 parameter 7, or ask your Marantec partner for help.

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