maveo scanner


  • WLAN reception: The maveo box, to which the maveo scanner is connected via a USB cable, requires stable WLAN reception. For example, you can use your smartphone to check how good the signal strength is in your garage. You should see at least two out of three bars in the top bar of your smartphone. Check this before installing the maveo box and the maveo scanner.
  • Hole in the garage wall: For the installation of the maveo scanner you need a hole in the garage wall. Drill the hole from the outside into the garage. You can seal it with silicone afterwards.
  • Light barrier and power cut-off: If you use the maveo scanner, you operate the system according to the standard 13241-1 in the operating mode "automatic". This means that it must have a light barrier and a correctly set force cut-off. This is required by law. If you have any questions about this, you can contact our specialist partners.
  • A free socket: You need a free socket in your garage for the maveo box. The maveo scanner itself does not need a separate socket, it gets its power from the USB socket in the maveo box.
  • Special feature for programming: The garage door opener must not be programmed with an automatic inlet. If this is still desired, it must be set to be greater than 30 seconds, so that the parcel carrier or delivery person still has time to leave your garage.

To guarantee a stable WLAN reception, you can do two things. Either use a repeater or connect the maveo box directly to the router via an Ethernet cable. For this, you will also need a USB to Ethernet adapter and possibly a USB HUB with multiple slots.

Make sure that the SSID of the repeater is different from the SSID of the router and that the maveo box is only connected to the SSID of the repeater. If you are upgrading your repeater, it is best to reset the maveo box.

Easily upgrade your garage with a light barrier to protect parcel carriers, deliverymen and your family! You don't want to install the light barrier yourself? Then book the convenient installation service.

No, to use the maveo scanner, you also need the maveo box or the maveo scanner starter bundle.

Simply plug the cable into the maveo box. If you now open the maveo app, the maveo scanner will automatically learn itself. A step by step guide, you can also read it here: maveo scanner instruction manual.

Application and Order

A tracking number (synonyms are: tracking ID, package ID and others) is automatically assigned by the parcel service providers when a package is posted. This tracking number is a unique number for exactly the shipment of your package.
This parcel ID is used for order processing by the parcel service provider. You can also use it to track your package. Most mail order companies send you an order confirmation directly, the ID selected by the parcel service provider with the shipping confirmation, or you can find it in your customer account, for example, Amazon or Zalando.
Because this number is also on the package, the maveo scanner can recognize it.

To make sure that you enter your parcel ID correctly, we recommend that you simply copy it from the order confirmation email via your smartphone and then paste it into the maveo app.

You can find it either in the shipment confirmation email for your order, or when you log in to your user account with the parcel service provider, for example DHL. Some shipping companies also show you the tracking number under "My orders".

You can have the parcel conveniently delivered to your address. You can also log in to the online portal of the parcel service provider and arrange a drop-off contract. Don't worry, "delivery contract" is just the general term for delivery location, parcel OK & Co. That's what parcel service providers call their tools, which allow you to specify a delivery location individually chosen by you to the messenger for each delivery.

Use the online portals of the parcel service providers who deliver to you, because handwritten notes are often ignored, these could also come from someone other than you.

Give hints: Ideally, you should also print out signs or notices and attach them in the garage so that they are clearly visible, so that the parcel delivery person does not place the parcel in the light barrier or in the path of your car.


First of all, maveo has nothing to do with the retailers from whom you order your packages. You can order from any store or even have your friends send you parcels.

What you can do so that the parcel service can drop the shipment in your garage.

When ordering: Select one of our compatible parcel carriers in the shipping options during the ordering process. If you choose standard shipping, you may not receive a tracking number.

For Friends & Family: Tell your friends who want to send you a package to ask for the package ID when they post the package and provide it to you confidentially.

The maveo scanner has an industrial-standard reading unit for barcodes and QR codes. This means that it can read optical codes even in difficult weather conditions, such as frost or moisture, with the help of an integrated LED and mini-heating unit.

The following parcel service providers are compatible with the maveo scanner: DHL, UPS, Hermes, DPD, TNT, FedEx, Amazon, Trans-o-Flex.

Not suitable is the standard shipping of Deutsche Post.

From some orders, even from compatible parcel service providers, it is known that the tracking numbers are not printed on the package, and therefore can not open the gate. As a rule, these are orders from other continents, here the parcel service providers seem to use other standards.

The shipper is responsible for the delivery of the tracking number, inquire there.

With a temporary key, you give other people access to your garage – for example, family members, neighbors, your gardener or other craftsmen. The advantage: You no longer have to stay at home or entrust your front door key or hand transmitter to others.

In the maveo app, you can create a so-called Guest Pass – an access code – manage it flexibly, and send it to your contacts. A Guest Pass can either be limited in time (e.g. to a certain date, a certain day of the week, a certain time window) or issued for an unlimited period of time

As soon as someone uses their Guest Pass and enters your garage, you will be notified by the maveo app.


Here we recommend IP cameras that are already available at reasonable prices.

One example is the "C100" from TP Link. With this device, you can store up to 128GB of video material on the SD card. You can see a live image of the garage via the manufacturer's app.
Another example is the Victure surveillance camera. This model doesn't even need a free outlet in the garage. It can be powered with a USB hub.
This principle works for any other IP camera that has a USB plug. The important thing is that you learn the camera into your WLAN network.

If you are particularly concerned about privacy, we recommend the INSTAR brand. The model IN-8001 is attractively priced.

These cameras are not compatible with the maveo system itself, you have to use the mobile apps of the camera manufacturers.


There are two possibilities:

  • The USB connection to the box is disconnected. Plug the cables back in. If the maveo box still does not work, check the function of the maveo box, it should work without errors during the installation and use of the maveo scanner.
  • If even the LED of the maveo box does not light up, then the error lies somewhere else. Check the fuse and power supply in the garage.

NO, no need to worry, you can easily put your maveo scanner back into operation:

  1. Your maveo box may have connection problems and may not be able to open or close the gate. The maveo scanner will show this with a red blinking. Usually, this flashing will change back to a blue glow after 1-5 minutes. This is because the maveo box tries to re-establish the connection on its own.
  2. If this is not the case, check the connections of the USB line. Unplugging and plugging in again solves the problem.
  1. If the tracking number code stored on the maveo box does not match the code on the package, the scanner makes a noise and does not open the gate. In this case, the messenger must place the package somewhere else. 
    • The tracking number code was entered incorrectly in the maveo app. 
    • In rare cases, parcel carriers scan the parcel incorrectly. 
  2. The connection between maveo scanner and maveo box is disconnected. Check the fit of the cable, if the maveo scanner is permanently red, or not lit at all. 
  3. The connection between maveo stick and maveo box is lost. In this case, a push message will inform you about the error. Check the correct function of the gate with the maveo app and check the correct fit of the maveo stick.
  4. The code on the package is unreadable. Perhaps the package has come into contact with moisture. 
  5. The mail carrier or the delivery person has ignored the instructions. 
  1. When adding a shipment in the maveo app, select your smartphone to receive shipment status notifications on your smartphone.
  2. Go to your smartphone settings and search for the maveo app. There you should allow notifications, otherwise they will be blocked.

This phenomenon can occur when the letter carrier accidentally walks through the light barrier while the gate is closing. In this case, you will receive a push message and you can close the gate again later.

If this still does not work, it may be that the parcel carrier has placed the package in the light barrier. Ask the parcel carrier with the corresponding information in your garage to pay attention to this.