Problems setting up or logging in to a my maveo account.

Check the settings of your Google Play or iCloud account. If the Play or App Store locates you in a country outside of our approval, the maveo app will not be displayed in the store.

For the following reasons, you may not find a button to add a maveo connect stick as shown in the screenshot below:

  1. To bring a maveo connect stick online you need the maveo app from version 2.4, check App & Play Store for updates.
  2. Check the country settings of your smartphone. For some regions, the maveo connect stick is not activated or has a different name or is not compatible. The so-called "BlueFi stick" is only compatible in the USA, Canada and Ecuador. 
    1. Set the correct countries in iOS: Here you can set the correct region by going to the iPhone settings and selecting the Language & region settings menu under General. 
    2. Set correct countries for Android: For most Android devices, you need to select the correct regional language. If you are using a BlueFi stick, for example, set English (United States), Spanish (United States) or French (Canada). For a maveo connect stick compatible for the European Union, set French (France) or Spanish (Spain).
  1. Depending on which email provider and which email program you use, the delivery of this email may take some time. Do not close the maveo app so that you can enter the code later.
  2. Check the SPAM folder in your email inbox.
  3. Are you sure you have entered the correct email?
    • If you have not received an email with a verification code from us after 10 minutes, try registering again.
    • If the maveo app tells you that this e-mail address is already in use, then either use a different e-mail address for your maveo account or ask our support to delete your e-mail address. This may take a few weeks.

Check that you have spelled your e-mail address and password correctly. To do this, use the "eye symbol" directly next to the input field for your password.

That will definitely work! When you enter your desired password, black dots cover the letters for security reasons. With the eye symbol next to the input field, you can switch off the black dots and your password will be visible.

Don't worry! The maveo app probably only has a small problem loading the maveo connect sticks. Go to the Burger Menu --> "My maveo Account" --> and check whether your goals / maveo connect sticks are now loaded. Then return to the start screen and you can control your goals again!

Problems setting up another maveo connect stick.

Do you see the screen shown below?


Then you have created a maveo account that is unfortunately not compatible with your maveo product. For various reasons, we have to create your maveo account on a server in the respective sales region for the different sales regions of our maveo products. 

Where is your account created? This is determined by the region & language settings of your smartphone. We differentiate between the North America region (USA, Canada, Mexico) and the member states of the European Union.


If you have purchased a maveo connect stick, you must select a member state of the EU as the language and region in your smartphone settings. 

If you have purchased a BlueFi stick, you must select USA, Canada, Mexico or Ecuador) as the language and region in your smartphone settings.


For iOS: Under Settings --> General --> Language & Region --> Region you can change the settings.
For Android: Different, search for the menu for setting languages and select the target language there. For languages such as French, you must pay attention to the region in the brackets, as either France or Canada may appear here. 
Once you have selected the correct settings, try to create an account again.

Deleting your data:

If you would like to have your data removed from the "wrong" cloud, please send us an e-mail

Are you stuck in the screen shown below even though you press the button on the maveo connect stick?

There are the following solutions:

  1. Perhaps your maveo connect stick is simply updating (LED then lights up red), try again a few minutes later.
  2. Try restarting the drive, perhaps your maveo connect stick simply needs a second attempt.
  3. Check the settings of your smartphone:
    • For iPhones: Whether you have granted Bluetooth and location authorization for the maveo app.
    • Android: Whether you have granted Bluetooth and location permission for the maveo app. 
    • And check whether you have switched on your location services at the time of setup. This is a prerequisite for some Android versions so that Bluetooth can be used.

Have you pressed the button on the maveo connect stick, but the Bluetooth connection keeps dropping out?

  • Restart the operator by unplugging the power supply (power cable) of the door operator for approx. 10 seconds and then plugging it back in. Wait a minute until everything has started up again and then try to connect your maveo app to the maveo connect stick again.

You have entered your WLAN password and now see an endless loading circle? There can be many reasons for this:

  1. Wait at least 30 seconds. The network is not always stable and the marriage between smartphone, cloud and maveo connect stick can take some time.
  2. Wrong WLAN password? If the password you entered was incorrect, the maveo app should return to the Wi-Fi password entry screen. If not, start setting up the maveo connect stick in the app from the beginning.
  3. Is your router blocking new devices? Check the settings of your router to see if there are any problems.

Solution not there? Try the following steps:

  • Maybe something has gone wrong: Press the button on the maveo connect stick for at least 5 seconds to reset the maveo connect stick. The LED on the maveo connect stick should now either be completely off or flashing blue (pairing mode): Unplug the door operator, wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in. Try the set-up again.

You see the screenshot below, but your desired WLAN is not included?

Possible solutions:

  1. The maveo connect stick can only display 5 Wi-Fi networks at the same time. Cancel the setup and try again until your Wi-Fi network is displayed. 
  2. The maveo connect stick only shows the Wi-Fi networks with the strongest signal in the area. If your desired Wi-Fi network does not appear, you can help with repeaters or power line adapters.

Problems during operation of the maveo connect stick.

There may be several reasons for this:

  1. Check the batteries in your hand-held transmitters, they usually last 2-5 years.
  2. If the maveo connect stick is plugged in, the range of the hand-held transmitter may be slightly reduced. So check whether the hand-held transmitter still works in the vicinity of the operator. This may be due to the compact design of the hand-held transmitter receiver and maveo connect stick. The maveo adapter set, which you can find in our store, can provide a possible, but uncertain, improvement in the radio range of the hand-held transmitter. Place the maveo connect stick there and the radio receiver could have better reception.

Do you see the screen shown below?

Possible solutions to the problem:

  1. Check your smartphone. Does it have sufficient reception to the WLAN or mobile network?
  2. Are you logged in? Check this by tapping the Burger icon --> My maveo account.
  3. Could someone have deleted your account or reset your password?

Is the screen shown below displayed in your maveo app together with the text "Connected to maveo cloud, waiting for maveo connect stick"?

Possible solutions: 

  1. The maveo connect stick could be offline. This is indicated by the maveo connect stick flashing red. 
    1. Have you or someone else reset the maveo connect stick? (Press the yellow button for 5 seconds)
    2. Did you get a new router or change your WLAN name or WLAN password? 
    3. Do you have a fault in the network, are other WLAN devices in your household working? 
  2. The Wi-Fi connection from your home router to the maveo connect stick could be weak. Please check whether there is sufficient signal strength in the garage. You can help with powerline adapters or repeaters. 
  3. Try restarting the maveo connect stick. To do this, go into your garage and unplug the power cable of the door operator for approx. 5 seconds. The maveo connect stick should then first flash green and then show a permanent green light. 

The behavior of the maveo connect stick: 

Behavior of the LED Status
Continuous green glow The maveo connect stick is successfully connected to the maveo cloud, the connection is established! Now it's all about the connection from smartphone to cloud! 
Red Flashing The maveo connect stick is offline, no known network in sight! 
Green Flashing The maveo connect stick is connected to your router and the Internet, but it has problems establishing a stable maveo cloud connection! 

Check your maveo account. To do this, go to the burger menu at the top left and then "My maveo account". (1st image) Your maveo connect sticks will only appear in the maveo app if you are logged in!

You are logged in, but your maveo connect sticks are not displayed on the screen as shown in the 2nd picture?

  1. Someone who has access to your account may have removed them. Simply add your maveo connect sticks again.

Are you wondering what the screen shown below is supposed to mean?

There can be two reasons for this:

  1. In rare cases, it can happen that when you change your smartphone's internet connection - i.e. from mobile network to Wi-Fi or vice versa - your smartphone loses the connection. Simply tap on "Reconnect" and you can control your gate again.
  2. You have given your e-mail address and password to third parties, e.g. family members or friends. If another smartphone is currently accessing this maveo connect stick, your access is blocked for the time being. However, you can take over the session by tapping "Reconnect".

There can be many reasons for this:

Construction-related reasons:

  • The range of your WLAN network may have difficulty transmitting as far as your garage. This is why many users rely on the use of repeaters or PowerLine adapters.
    • Repeaters: These pick up the relatively weak WiFi signal at an acceptable distance and emit a stronger signal. This can help, but the use of repeaters in a garage itself is pointless, as there is often a lack of Wi-Fi reception here: where there is no reception, nothing can be amplified. A repeater is positioned midway between the garage and the router.
    • Powerline adapter: What we recommend! Within a home connection, powerline adapters can send a signal from the router via the power lines to the powerline adapter. This is best located in your garage and turns the powerline signal into a WLAN signal. The data rate is sufficient for maveo applications.

Technical reasons:

  • maveo products or repeaters or routers not on the latest firmware. Check with your router manufacturer for updates. 
  • Router settings: Some routers may temporarily block some devices or be switched off at night. You can configure this in the router settings.