Compatible door operators

* Due to the limited space available on site in the VTA, X.52 & X.82 control units, installation is only possible with a maveo adapter set.

Photoelectric barrier

Your gate needs a photoelectric barrier for maveo. You can purchase a photocell in our store or buy it directly as a bundle together with the maveo connect stick. You can find out how to install it in a seperate support page. Only then will all maveo features be activated for you.

Compatible Smartphones

To set up and use the maveo connect stick, you need a smartphone. We recommend at least smartphones with Android 9 or later and iPhones model 8 / SE or later with iOS 16 or later.

Make sure that the location services, Bluetooth, mobile data and Wi-Fi are working on your smartphone and can be enabled for the maveo app so that you can install the maveo connect stick and use it to its full extent.



Check in advance whether there is sufficient Wi-Fi reception at the location of your door opener. You can check this by connecting your smartphone to your Wi-Fi network and holding it next to your garage door opener. Now try watching a video. If the video plays smoothly and in good quality, then the maveo connect stick should probably have sufficient reception.

If you do not have sufficient Wi-Fi reception in your garage, we recommend installing Power Line adapters. 

You can set up our maveo connect stick in a separate / segmented network and use it in exactly the same way as anyone else. This procedure is generally recommended by the German Federal Office for Information Security for all IoT products.

Account & Internet

You need a "my maveo account" to use the maveo connect stick. With an e-mail address and password protection, you can then log in from any device and control your goals.

It is not possible to control the gates with a maveo connect stick offline, i.e. exclusively in the local network. An internet connection is required.